Employment Opportunities: General Tree Work (Climber)


  1. Must possess a valid driver's license.
  2. Must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of all knots, ropes and rigging devices used in tree trimming and removal operations.
  3. Must be familiar with electrical hazards, appropriate operating procedures when in proximity to electrical conductors, and aerial rescue techniques in the event of an emergency aloft.
  4. Must be able to work and maneuver at considerable heights under varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions.
  5. Must possess physical strength and agility, good balance, good depth perception and the ability to hear verbal instructions from a distance.
  6. Must be able to (or: be trained to) climb and descend trees using rope and safety saddle; to learn, administer, and implement emergency rescue techniques, including tree rescue and all applicable first aid techniques; must be able to quickly remove him/herself from a potential danger area.


  1. Trims or removes trees by climbing or with the aid of an aerial lift device, but only under the direct supervision of a crew leader.
  2. Loads and unloads trucks with logs, brush and debris often weighing 25 pounds or more; lifts and feeds brush into brush chipper.
  3. Works using hand saws, pole saws and pruners, hand pruners, Toppers and gasoline-powered chain saws.
  4. Drives trucks or operates other equipment as assigned.
  5. Responsible for the inspection and proper working condition of all tools and equipment assigned to him or her.
  6. Safeguards employees and public from hazards in an around the work area.
  7. Helps enforce on-the-job safety practices.
  8. Performs other related work as assigned.
To apply for this job, email your resume to jobs@spmcclenahan.com

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The crew did a superb job. I am very happy with the results as usual. Gloria, Palo Alto

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