Employment Opportunities: Crew Leader


  1. Meets qualifications of subordinate positions on the crew.
  2. Must be able to follow written or verbal orders.
  3. Must be able to delegate work and accept responsibility.


  1. Reports to the office each day prepared to work a full day.
  2. Receives daily job assignment from supervisor or sales representative and discusses any special instructions that may apply.
  3. Directs crewmembers to prepare equipment, tools and supplies necessary for the day's work.
  4. Upon arrival at the job site, directs crew in safe professional performance or work to be done, organizes the job assignments and their progression so that work is completed as efficiently as possible.
  5. The crew leader's on-the-job responsibilities consist of:
    1. Notifying client of presence on property.
    2. Assigning specific tasks to crewmembers and supervises performance.
    3. Insisting that crewmembers wear personal safety equipment and practice proper safe conduct on the job.
    4. Designating break and lunch time.
    5. Directing cleanup of the job site and making sure all equipment and supplies are secured on the truck.
    6. Inspecting the work performed to be sure it is done to job specifications then notifying client that work, has been completed.
    7. Keeping accurate records of time, equipment and materials used. Making notes on the job order for the representative which pertain to the job.
  6. Upon arriving at the office, returns unused materials and equipment not normally carried on truck.
  7. Re-stocks needed supplies on truck and performs routine maintenance on equipment or informs supervisor of damaged equipment and needed supplies.
To apply for this job, email your resume to jobs@spmcclenahan.com

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The crew did a superb job. I am very happy with the results as usual. Gloria, Palo Alto

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