Employment Opportunities: Pesticide Applicator


  1. Must possess a valid driver's license.
  2. Must be able to obtain and maintain pesticide applicator certification.
  3. Must be able to work outdoors under varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions.
  4. Must be able to perform moderately strenuous tasks while wearing a respirator.


Chemical/Application Knowledge:

  1. Reads and understands purpose for chemical application.
  2. Reads label and understands approved method for handling, storage, loading and mixing chemicals.
  3. Aware of and utilizes compatible chemical mixtures.
  4. Keeps up-to-date on latest revisions with EPA or Dept. of Agriculture in local jurisdiction.
  5. Knows current company policy.
  6. Knowledgeable of and proficient in technique to apply the following types of chemicals:
    1. Insect/disease control
    2. Foliar/root injection fertilization
  7. Assures that tank labeling is accurate and labeling is changed as chemical mixes are changed.
  8. Surveys area to be sprayed, prior to spraying, to determine:
    1. Chemical request meets current job needs
    2. Chemical rate requested is within standard for work to be performed
    3. Aware of obstacles, water hazards, job conditions, people in the same area or any other adverse conditions that should be investigated before any chemicals are dispensed
    4. Determines boundaries and scope of area to be sprayed
  9. Surveys spray equipment for any leaks, bubbles in spray hose, contaminants on the bed of truck or any other deficiency that may cause injury to operator, the public or damage to clients' or neighboring properties

Client Relations:

  1. Is aware of and follows company guidelines on service management.
  2. When approached by a client or tenant on a project, acts in a cooperative way to help answer any questions that pertain to the chemical application at that specific location.
  3. Refers any other client inquiry to job supervisor.

Quality Control:

  1. Insures cleanliness of chemical vehicles before leaving yard.
  2. Follows up to insure that the chemical application has met the intended purpose.

Documentation of Work:

  1. Maintains daily log of work performed, chemical materials used, location and wind conditions, application technique used and total gallons used.
  2. Reports accurate time daily.
  3. Completes and turns in all spray work request forms daily.

Equipment Maintenance:

  1. Starts equipment before leaving the yard to test for problems.
  2. Checks oil level after every fueling.
  3. Maintains clear and neat chemical storage area.
  4. Advises supervisor immediately of any mechanical deficiencies.
  5. Understands cleaning and decontamination of spray equipment and safety gear.


  1. Check 3 times a day all areas of spray vehicle for possible leaks or safety violations.
  2. Knows and follows all applicable company safety rules.
  3. Reports any incident to immediate supervisor within thirty (30) minutes of occurrence.
  4. Keeps supervisor informed daily of any schedule changes that would alter operator's location by more than one hour.
  5. Maintains and prominently displays map of nearest medical facility.
  6. Knows actions to follow to contain a chemical leak or chemical spill.
  7. Maintains and updates MSDS sheets as required by law.
  8. Does not leave vehicle unattended unless all is secured.
  9. Does not operate in certain adverse weather conditions.
  10. Does not load, mix or apply chemicals if public is within 50 feet of work area.
To apply for this job, email your resume to jobs@spmcclenahan.com

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