Tree care
Tree care

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Fertilizing and Nutrition

Fertilization is utilized to provide deficient nutrients or offset environmental stressors. Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in plant health care. A properly fertilized, vigorous plant is more resistant to problems like insects and diseases. A program of fertilization by means of deep root soil injection can serve to stimulate feeder root development, offset shock/stress as related to construction and/or environmental factors, encourage vigor, reduces soil compaction and compensates for any encroachment of natural root feeding areas. We also offer a service that treats plants with a beneficial root fungus and root stimulant called Mycorrhizae. This all-natural product improves root development, aids in water and nutrient absorption, and helps protect against certain root diseases.


The crew that trimmed my trees has to be classified as par excellent. They sure knew how to trim trees. This is the best that my property has ever looked. Thank you. Charlie, Palo Alto

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