McClenahan Plant Health Care

Alternative Treatments

There are many alternatives to tree spraying including no treatment at all. Various forms of trunk injection, soil injection and trunk banding are available to control many insect pests and tree diseases. Insect Growth Regulators can be an effective way to prevent the growth and development of insect pests. Biological controls such as beneficial insects, nematodes, pheromone traps and sticky cards are all methods to manage disease and pest problems. Many other solutions are available as we continue to pursue alternative methods of disease and pest management to help the environment and maintain a vigorous urban forest.


Mulch and compost are natural ways to improve the root environments of trees. Some benefits of mulch include improved soil moisture holding capacity, long term soil fertility, soil aeration and soil structure. Put simply a good mulch and compost program will reduce the needs for water and fertilizers and can help improve the affects of soil compaction.


Your crew did a great job. They were fun to watch, were very careful and left the yard clean. Thank you. Barbara, Menlo Park

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