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Our company’s principle of Excellence in Arboricultural Services supports and drives the type of services we offer to our clients. The objective of our plant health care program is to minimize the amount of disease and insect problems in our customers’ landscape. The scope of plant health care encompasses pruning, cabling, bracing, fertilizing, planting, mulching, monitoring for disease and pest problems, and treating disease and pest problems. We implement integrated pest management strategies to reduce the amount of unnecessary pesticide applications.

Tree Care

Our Arborists prune and shape trees and shrubs with health, safety and artistic considerations in mind. We prune to emphasize a tree’s natural shape. If a tree must be removed, our expert professionals can safely take it down.

Plant Health Care

Our Plant Health Care program utilizes an integrated approach to tree and shrub care, from roots to shoots. This program consists of scheduled diagnostic inspections that enable us to detect and treat problems before they damage plants.


McClenahan Companies offers the following consulting and diagnostic services: Hazard tree evaluations, plant problem diagnosis and solutions, tree protection planning and supervision for construction sites, and fertilization recommendations.

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