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Tree Protection & Preservation Plans and Arborist Reports

Many cities and counties require arborist reports prior to approval of land improvements. We can customize a report including Tree Protection Plan and Preservation Guidelines that fits your site and needs.

Diagnosis of Tree & Landscape

Diagnosing plant problems can be done in the field. However, laboratory analysis is necessary to properly identify most disease problems. Treatment of symptoms does not always achieve the desired results. When a pest or disease is identified, then the treatment can be provided. Abiotic disorders do not require pesticide related solutions. Our licensed Pest Control Adviser can write recommendations for treatment of plant pathogens, insect and mite problems and plant

Hazard Tree Assessments

Hazardous trees can present a serious risk to people and property in the surrounding area, especially in the urban areas of our surrounding communities. While the identification of hazardous trees should be done by experienced arborists, there are several indicators you may want to examine on trees around your property.

Tree Appraisals

Tree appraisal is assigning a monetary value to a tree. There are many reasons someone may need a tree appraised. We utilize the most current edition of the “Guide for Plant Appraisal” developed by the Council Of Tree and Landscape Tree Appraisers.

Tree Inventories

Most of our tree inventories are required in the early phases of commercial development and are submitted as part of initial civil surveys. However, tree inventories on residential properties are an excellent way to monitor tree health and maintenance.

Construction Related

Arborist reports are required by most towns and cities prior to initiation of construction activity. In many cases a project arborist or site arborist is required to monitor construction activity impacting tree environments. We provide recommendations to improve tree health in accordance with industry standards